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                 INTI and its Quality Assurance System for the Dairy  Industry


INTI, National Institute of Industrial Technology.

INTI Lácteos

Dairy Industrial Technological Research Center


Within the framework of  quality management, in which most Dairy companies and laboratories are included , Redelac, The Argentine Dairy laboratory network provides different services.

We have over 21 years experience in all aspects of providing PROFICIENCY TESTING services to laboratories undertaking physico-chemical and microbiological measurements and 22 years experience in providing REFERENCE MATERIALS in Dairy Matrices for the calibration or verification of equipment.


Technical Assistance and control of milk laboratories is carried out as an Integrated Testing System based on:


Centralized Calibration: SICECAL, The Argentine Centralized Calibration System provides reference materials in Dairy Matrices. The reference materials (powder milk, cheese, whey, cream, UHT milk, goat milk etc)  are produced according to the requirements of the Guide ISO 31 through 35. 

Tests of homogeneity and stability are carried out according to requirements in Guide ISO 35 and the document “Statistical Aspects of the Certification of Chemical Batch SRMs” of the Nist..


Traceability is assured by complying with the directives of Guides ISO 34, ILAC G12 and the documente Eurachem 2003.




Proficiency Testing Schemes: Different proficiency Testing (PT) schemes are supplied on a regularly basis. The PT are carried out complying with the Standard ISO 17043.



  • Proficiency testing on raw milk


  • Proficiency testing on milk powder.


  • Proficiency testing on cheese


  • Proficiency testing for vitamins A , C and D and minerals in milk powder


  • Proficiency testing for organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides


  • Proficiency testing for Listeria spp, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella  spp.


  • Proficiency testing for Free Fatty Acids.


  • Proficiency testing for dulce de leche  (sweet condensed milk).


  • Proficiency testing for UHT milk




Hhomogeneity and stability tests are carried out  according to requirements given in ISO 13528.


Alarm systems and access to expert support: The results of the PTs are evaluated. REDELAC provides technical assistance and training to laboratories participating in PT programs.


The role of INTI-Lácteos as the National Dairy Reference Laboratory has been assigned through agreements subscribed with different government departments.


INTI-Lácteos, through REDELAC, provides appropriate tools as PT Schemes, Centralized Calibration, Technical assistance, equipment control, etc, so as to provide an international anchorage to routine laboratories, and to harmonize, optimize the accuracy of laboratories results.


From 1991 until now significant improvement of analytical performance of laboratories has proved that the network works as a very important improvement tool.


To handle all inquiries, please contact us:


Email: redelac@inti.gob.ar



Telephone: +5411-4724-6200/6300/6400


Fax: +5411-4724-6471











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